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Force of Will Movie Trailer Analysis

by Robert Kraemer

This article features screen-caps of the trailer. I promise your device isn’t just having issues playing the videos. 😉
Link to Video Here

That’s right everyone, FOW The Movie’s First Trailer was released! I’m here today to analyze this trailer so we can see what’s actually going on in the trailer that seems to have no real explanation.

About 10 seconds in we see this, not so familiar face, but, if the movie is going to be based on the TCG lore, I’m going to throw it out there that this could be our good old friend Marybella, even though the hair color is very clearly incorrect, but that’s hollywood everyone.

How am I supposed to make these machines without my drink?!

“Alice, how many times have I asked you to stop playing with Shadows while I’m working?”

At 26 seconds right here (It’s only at 26 seconds. I tried for this shot 6 times.) we see the outline of a beast or dragon looking creature, maybe it’s the appearance of the inspiration for Remote Control Beast?

Note: Much harder to control than an RC Car.

Wukong, control your clouds bro.

Flipping cars? Mystery Antagonist? Yup. Japan.

The OG Powerpuff Girl

Okay, so no Antagonist yet but at approximately 45 seconds in, we can sort of confirm that it is Remote Control Beast and Marybell?

“Got any food? Robots need lunch too.”

Confirming Remote Control Beast. Marybella also seems a little spooked? Would this be her first piece of work?

“All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces.”

Whoa, whats going on with that guy in the background?

Is he a Power Supply Team?

*Keep out of reach of children.*

Nyarlathotep, what did I tell you about feeding them Organic Goats only?

Guys I found the antagonist! I want to say the Cthulu Race will be the main antagonist of this movie.

Are those Iron Man’s Power Cores? Is this a mechanical cthulu?

Close up of the Cthulu Creature, for a brief few seconds.

“I’ll be flying high, defying gravity!”

What made this seem like a good idea? They can reach that point.

*Claps internally*

Well, it looks like it’s over already. What do you guys think of this movie? Were our theories the same? Are we way off? Comment below, I’m really interested to hear everyone’s thoughts. Look for more trailer analyses from me in the future.

I´ll see you all next time, until then, may the FORCE be with you.

by Robert Kraemer

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