Frozen Casket Spoiler- The Crooked Shepard


Lunya, the Wolf Girl // Nyarlathotep, the True False Legend


The new ruler leading your tentacled comrades into battle is none other than our old friend Nyarlathotep. This young lass starts out as a normal red Ruler named Lunya and features the new Energize mechanic; but that’s not all, when you charge into battle she will lend you some of your power and blast your opponents resonators for 100 damage. She isn’t done yet! If you pay Lunya’s will cost Nyarlathotep will arrive swiftly to aid in the battle raining down 800 damage to a resonator. Don’t worry, she is really going to help. (This time…)

Niggurath, the Shepherd


Baa baa black she- goat? Niggurath arrives to aid in the fight, this girl is a five will 1200/1200 red resonator that really likes goats. She likes them so much that when she enters the field or attacks you can search your deck for a card named “Gentle Goat” and put it into your field. She cannot work without her goats, however. To keep her services you must sacrifice her furry friend to supply her with limit counters or else she will have to go home.

Gentle Goat

You dare mock the son of a shepherd?

This goat just wants to hang out with the harbingers of the apocalypse, you know? Gentle Goat is a 1 will 300/300 fire resonator that gains 200/200 as long as you control a Cthulhu J/resonator. I’d watch out for this one, he’s no petting zoo.

Nightmares of R’lyeh


This three will Quickcast spell intends to fill a J/resonator with the dark powers held within the abyss itself; but at the same time that much power can be destructive. Any J/resonator you decide to target with this gains +1000/-1000 until the end of the turn, be careful what you look into for you may not come back.

Thunder Lightning Strike


Don’t you hate it when the forecast is wrong?! This 1 cost Quickcast chant reminds us that we never -really- know when lightning will strike. 😉 This card gives us the choice of dealing 500 damage to a target J/resonator or 500 damage straight to our opponent’s face. Though 500 isn’t terrible to start with, I’m fairly certain that the Flame Spirits might have something to say about this card.

Hastur Chasing the Goats


Hastur is a three will 900/900 red resonator that gains swiftness is Nyarlathotep is leading the charge. Whenever this card block or attacks it deals 400 damage to target J/resonator. If this card has no limit counters they have to chase the goats elsewhere.

Lunya’s Best Friend


This faithful companion is a two will 600/600 red resonator that helps out its companions in a time of need. When this dog enters your field you can have a target J/resonator gain +200/0 until the end of the turn.

Fayli, the Charlatan


Vanilla three will 800/800 red resonator. Though she -is- a Charlatan. She seems rather basic until you figure out exactly what she is hiding with the next card. 😉

Charlatan’s Tricks


This isn’t a normal magic trick, using the power of this single will red chant you may search your deck for a card that shares the name of a resonator or addition you control, reveal it and add it to your hand. If Fayli is on board under your control you can put the card straight into the field instead.

Emissary of R’lyeh


This single will 500/400 resonator is pretty lazy, despite being swift he refuses to attack the opponent; what can you do? Sometimes the abyss doesn’t wish to lend you power.

R’lyeh, World of No Lies


This two will addition puts a limit counter on whatever J/resonator you control with [Limit} when it enters the field. Not just that, but the dark power of the abyss buffs your Cthulhu J/resonators by +200/+200 each.

Fire Magic Stone


It’s super hot.

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