Frozen Casket Spoilers – Blood and Beer

Hey again, everybody. Curse of the Frozen Casket continues to impress in new ways, and today we get a peek at some of the new darkness support across 3 different archetypes!
Let’s delve into the Vampire support first!


Rinka, Second Daughter of the Mikage

You know, I’m starting to wonder where mom is…

Rinka is the middle child of the family, so she asks for a bit more to be summoned with 2 darkness will. Like the rest of the family, though, she’s all about those counters. She can swing without any conditions holding her back, and she gains a counter every time she does damage. This could lead to some fun interactions with cards like The Beast Queen’s Counterattack, which causes J/resonators to deal damage to each other, triggering her ability. Upon drawing first blood, she also gains [Precision] to eliminate targets more effectively (or single out creatures that she can easily kill to gain a buff). Rinka also can gain [Flying] at instant speed by removing a counter; this can be used offensively to guarantee some damage, or defensively to pop into the sky to block a Flame Dragon or other flyers. She’s a versatile, low cost card. I think she’ll definitely see play in any Vampire deck, and in high numbers as well.

Servant of the Mikage

Couldn’t he just… carry the glass? He has gloves.

Servant of Mikage lives to serve, and it’s very apparent in his effect. Adding that counter to a Shara you played turn 1 allows her to swing in for 600 on your second turn, and still leaves a will open for other plays. As a bonus, if your opponent has a special magic stone (I think that’s a safe bet), you get to add 2 counters to that resonator instead. Servant will be a nice stimulus to your bigger creatures, and act as a chump blocker when needed elsewhere: a suitable role for a card with this name.

Oni Governor

I want YOU to submit to my will.

Moving onto the second set of cards, we see that the Oni actually have an electoral system. Who would think they had time for polls? Oni Governor comes in a bit under curve for a 5 drop, at 1100/1100. However, his activate ability seems to set him up as a defensive wall over an aggressive piece. By resting and sacrificing a resonator, Oni Governor can crush any resonator with a total cost of 3 or less. I think he might start seeing play as a tech choice in blue-black control; eating an Alice’s Little Scout to kill off a 3 drop before recovery would be a great feeling, especially since you get a free card off it. I also think The Monkey Trapped in Life could see some play with this card. I’m excited to see if he gets any love, though his high cost may prevent that.

Mad Oni

Oh, now I see how that guy got elected. His voters are crazy.

Mad Oni is living the dream most Oni wish for: punch and beat and punch and kill and club and maim and murder. His stats are slightly skewed for a 1 drop, with a heavy front end. His new keyword sets that back in balance; Mad Oni has to attack every turn. Unlike Lancelot, you can’t just forfeit combat. This is a similar scenario to your opponent controlling Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table. He also could see use as a sacrifice to his Governor after swinging in, dealing 500 damage then killing another resonator.This guy seems like something to flesh out your deck’s curve on the lower end, but cards like Scorn, Nameless Mist, and Creature from Chaos are already filling that role nicely. Necrolance may show him some love, but I don’t really see room for him in a control build.

Priest of Darkness, Abdul Alhazred

Duuuuude… I can feel the colors.

As someone who came in between SKL and TTW, I can’t whisper sweet nothings to you about how I’ve awaited this gentleman’s return. However, I am excited to see a sort of darkness ramp. Abdul has mediocre stats for a total cost 3 resonator, but he’s not meant for this world long. Abdul can sacrifice himself and 4 will to summon a Cthulhu from your hand. (Gee, I wonder what card this could be used for?) In all seriousness, it’s also nice to see that this ability doesn’t require you to tap Abdul; so long as the will is open, you can sacrifice him to drop a bigger creature. This will let you keep will open for plays like double Space-Time Anomaly. He can also dodge kill spells and such, or force your opponent to declare a blocker that you can respond to with the effect. Unless we see more high cost Cthulhu, I don’t think he’ll see much mileage. But who knows? We’ve got 3 more booster packs in Lapis, after all.

Alhazred’s Zealot

That awkward moment when your fervent believers could beat you up.

They told me that I have to write a little bit for every card, so here we are. Alhazred’s Zealot is a total cost 3 resonator with beefy stats. This man could trade if he swung into Lucifer, so he’s nothing to scoff at. He hits things, and he hits them hard for how much you put into him. Not much more to say.

Eternal Recurrance

Look at him in the back. He thinks this is hilarious.

We finally got that board wipe everybody wanted; Interdimensional Escape just didn’t murder hard enough. Eternal Recurrence is as clean as it gets: 5 will, and everything on board dies. This seems like an excellent utility card in controls decks who have been using 1-for-1 cards to whittle the opponent down, and didn’t have answers to a swarm of resonators in later turns. It’s a card with massive plus possibilities in black. In addition, Azathoth from earlier can survive this destruction as well, and various other cards see their advantage upon death. The biggest downside to the card is that it’s only Chant speed, so your opponent will be able to swing back in with their will recovered. However, in a black deck, you’ve probably sucked them dry, so much so that they no longer have options.

Best of luck with this new darkness support, Rulers. Remember, control the darkness; don’t let it overtake you!

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by David Baker

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