Frozen Casket Spoilers – Robots?! Ninjas?!


Fiery Chariot, Red Boy


“By fires be purged!”

This six will 14/14 red resonator is going to appear with the burning sensation of Hell itself. When Red Boy here enters the field he massacres the opponent’s board with his hellish rebuke dealing 500 to each resonator and another 100 per different attribute used to summon him.

Introspective Jutsu


Looks like this battle is heating up, Introspective Jutsu is a three will red quickcast chant that gives a target resonator +1000/0 until the end of the turn. This spell is super hot.

Ancient Automaton


This robot is back from the future with gifts of ancient magic as a power supply. As long as this card is on the board; she’ll have +200/+200 for each addition you control.

Shackles of Ice

C..c..cold.. So very cold..

Who needs ruler abilities anyway? Shackles of Ice is a one will addition that prevents rulers active abilities as long as it’s not bestowed. When this card gets bestowed however, your opponent cannot activate the abilities.

Rising From the Depths


Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember where you parked your city?

When the battlefield opens up, it’s impossible to rally the troops. With this chant, cause -all- resonators to return to their owner’s hands. (Yours too, buddy!) Sure, it’s an amazing clear spell, but what about -my- field? If you pay the extra will cost of six to awaken this citadel, you can cheat in three water resonators from your hand into the game. Without the awakening, this card can even out the playing field. If you choose to awaken, be sure to make those waters a little choppy.

Altea, Nation of Dark Magics


Somebody get Sheperd, it looks like the reapers are back.

This eight will flying fortress allows you to play the first chant of your turn for a cost of zero rather than its normal cost, time to cheat those late game chants in!

This concludes this week’s spoilers; catch you next time.

by Conor Massey

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