Swan Song – Quinn Kotecki Worlds Interview

Swan Song: A Worlds Interview With Quinn Kotecki

By Josh Cosentino

The World Championships are over, Season Two has finally come to a close, and champions have been crowned. We’ve gotten together with the second place finisher Quinn Kotecki to ask some questions about his experience at the tournament, and his future in the game. Enjoy!

Josh Cosentino: How was Season Two for you prior to the World Championship?

Quinn Kotecki: My season prior to worlds was pretty short lived. I traveled to AGP Pasadena where I made top 16, AGP Dallas where again I made top 16, and lastly AGP Pittsburgh. This is where I meet none other than Aaron Miles in the finals, and where we both solidified our place in Worlds.

JC: What deck did you decide to play, and how did you stumble upon it?

QK: I decided to play Turbo Charlotte for the event. Ironically, I chose the deck on the day of the event. My roommate smashed my face in with it 4 games in a row. After that, I fell in love with it, said YOLO, and built it. No testing was done with it. No games played on my end. Just grab and go!

JC: What was the hardest match for you at the tournament?

QK: My hardest match of the event was most likely round one of Swiss. I played one of the Germans who was on Monkey King! I was thoroughly unprepared, and I just barely got there in game three.

JC: I heard there was a Wukong that went pretty deep. If you were to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

QK: I would play WAY MORE than one Red Boy… What was I thinking?! To this very moment, I do not know how I made it that far with only one in the deck.

JC: I have to ask the hard question. Has Aaron Miles finally cemented the title of being the better Miles brother?

QK: No… lol ❤️

JC: Going throughout your tournament run, what were the MVPs of the deck?

QK: The mvps have to be- Captain Hook, Red Boy, and Water Transformation. Playing an early Hook just wins games. Red boy brings you back in the game, and bear magic is amazing!

JC: The tempo swings in this format were pretty insane! What was your general sideboard plan?

QK: I didn’t really have one… I just kind of tossed in cards. The only cards I actually sided in were the last two Two Fold Chants.

JC: What is your advice to new players trying to go to Worlds in the future?

QK: Just play the best deck. I know how much you want to play that home brew, or that deck you think will counter the meta. In all honesty, the players that consistently win know what they’re doing. So just build the best, test the best, know the best. After you win that flight, then you can play all the fun decks you want.

JC: Well said. How was your worlds experience as a whole?

QK: I can’t even put the experience into words. It was hands down the best time of my life. Being there with people you played against, played with, new people, and just everything else. Nothing can compare to the fun that was had in that one week.

JC: Now I have to ask the sad question. We all know you’re leaving Tavern. What are your plans for playing in season three?

QK: My plans for season three are to try and judge. I think having more qualified judges can really help the game grow. I want the playing experience to be enjoyable and easy. I will play at events that interest me, at any events that have prize cards I want, and I guess to dream crush a few Outerworld guys haha. As for leaving Tavern, I have already received numerous team offers, but I am not one to just jump from place to place. Tavern was my home, and when I find another place that I feel comfortable with then maybe I will give it a shot. No rush to be had.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Spoken straight from the mouth of the second place finalist at this year’s World Championships. I hope to see all of you on the mats in the offseason and throughout season three. If you have any questions for Quinn, feel free to shoot them in the comments!

by Josh Cosentino

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