Legacy Lost Spoilers – Fantastic Magic!

Do you wanna own a planet?!
…it doesn’t have to be a planeeeeet…

  • Do you like control?
  • How about midrange?
  • Does a -700/-700 Space-Time Anomaly sound like a good card to you?
  • Do you like being an evil overlord bent on domination?

If you said yes to any of the above, then I’ve got a story to tell you…

How does she even keep that coat on?

Yes, everybody, we finally got a ruler for the color combination we’ve been running since last March. Invading Demon of Water, Valentina (henceforth Valencia) has become more powerful as a Wanderer, with new abilities to show for it. Similar to Glorius, Masked Crusader, Valencia can user her Energize ability to produce either a Darkness or Water will. Her ruler abilities are also two sides of the same coin; when you cast a Water chant, a resonator loses attack, whereas a Darkness chant causes them to lose defense. Note that cards which have both attributes will count as both, enabling them to become far more powerful than they were before. As mentioned earlier, Space-Time Anomaly will now drag resonators down by -700/-700, or simply do a -200/-200 to another target. Imagine the potential of these new drains with cards such as Endless Night (bye Fiethsing Turbo), or Separation of Body and Soul (bye bye any creature you don’t like). Valentina is looking at some neat new tricks for sure. Her Judgment comes in at 3 total will, following the example set by Glorius.

I thought you only got a third eye when you achieved enlightenment…

On her flip side, Valentina loses her wonderful minus abilities and goes into an entirely different (nightmare fuel) mode. Her first ability reduces the cost of resonators that are both Water and Darkness by one Void. Her resonators are a little on the costly side, so this packs a little more value into their costs. The second ability seems a bit odd: Banish two of your own resonators, and get back a diminishing return. Think of this as a reflexive ability: you can now plus off of board wipes from your opponent, or trade your creatures for theirs when they play a kill spell. Only Valentina would be willing to discard her soldiers in such a fashion.

Die Another Day was an alright Bond film, I guess.

Sticky. Sticky sticky sticky. Illusory Projection is made for the sole purpose of aggravating your opponent. Coming in at a total cost of 2 (don’t worry; you’ll see why the colors don’t matter too much at the end of the article), Projection is the white knight Valentina always wanted. Upon his death, Projection summons a doppelganger of himself to the field. Same type, same stats, same attributes. While he’s got a long list of enemies (Lightning Strike, Demonflame, Space-Time Anomaly, Artemis, the God’s Bow, Ancient Heartfelt Fire, etc…), this gentleman will gladly sacrifice himself for the greater good (evil?).

They told me being a magical girl would be fun!

Illusion Wizard is a little more expensive than the Projection, and has only a minimal stat increase to show for it! She also summons a token. There are two facts to consider, though:

  • That extra bit of cost is 1 Void, which can be sliced away by Valencia’s J-ruler side.
  • Her token hits the field simultaneously with her!

These combined facts make Illusion Wizard akin to a smaller, less powerful Celestial Wing Seraph, getting 900/900 on board for 2 will. These tokens aren’t just made to die for Valencia, though, as we’ll see with a card further down the list.

I get the feeling this deck isn’t about strong base stats…

Deceptive Dream comes in as a costly 4 drop, and only boasts a 700/700 stat line to make up for it. With a flipped Valencia, it comes down to 3, which is much more reasonable. Upon entering the field, Dream forces your opponent to discard a card. In addition, she allows you to draw when she leaves the field. This is a solid card for when the players are low on cards, forcing your opponent to topdeck while you gain more options. But it feels like the deck is missing a… hm… a win con?

You have definitely seen better days, friend.

Well, hello there, massive field buff. That’s how we’re supposed to win the game! Moojdart’s first two lines of text don’t overlap, so they each check all resonators to apply buffs. As such, all of your Darkness/Water resonators will gain +400/+400! Those 400/400 tokens are looking a bit more scary, now. J-Ruler Valencia allows Moojdart to come in for 3 will, and it’s certainly appreciated. For a final ability, Moojdart can sacrifice one of your Fantasy resonators to protect herself from being targeted by Chants. Sans board wipes, Moojdart will be safe. Having a built-in barrier from all Chants is a great bonus for a win condition card.

I really do like the rhyming idea of “ShockRocks”.

To wrap things up, Valentina is bringing a new Special Magic Stone with her. Akin to Glorius, it has a little punishment if she isn’t your ruler, but it’s a small price to pay 300 life for increased consistency. Remains is a coveted Darkness/Water stone, the default flavor for control players in FoW. Now, with 8 dual stones, cards like Prison in the Lunar Lake will have a much higher chance of being viable in 2 color decks. It also has a secondary ability, resting to give +100/+100 to a token. This is an ability you’ll usually use after your draw and before recovery, in case you didn’t feel the need to use your open stones.

That’s all for today’s spoilers, folks! I’m really excited to play Valencia, and she should only become more powerful once we see how some of her new Chants work in a later spoiler. Thanks for stopping by the Tavern; we hope to see you again soon!

by David Baker

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